Colin Firth's wife thinks it's funny he's regarded as a sex symbol.

The 'King's Speech' actor - who became a worldwide heartthrob when he played Mr. Darcy in 'Pride & Prejudice' in 1995 - says spouse Livia Giuggioli finds it amusing that many women lust after him.

He said: "I think she finds the whole sex symbol thing rather amusing. She knows me as the man who doesn't pick up his socks, can be unshaven and all of that.

"But without question, 'Pride & Prejudice was a high point for me. I am still surprised that I got the role of Mr. Darcy as I was 35 when we made it.

"When it was shown in England, I was in Italy, having just met the woman who would become my wife. Her family was very surprised this repressed JANE AUSTEN character would be considered sexy."