Paddington’ the small bear who came all the way from Peru is finally getting to take a big screen adventure and the teaser trailer has just be released. Whilst it doesn't give too much away, we do get a ever so sneaky look at the bear himself. So before we find out any more on the upcoming film, lets take a look at everything we know about the bear's big screen debut so far.

Paddington MovieVoiced by Colin Firth, the 'Paddington' movie is coming.

The Bear

Paddington Bear should need no introduction, but just in case, he is a small polite bear from Peru who loves marmalade sandwiches. He is found at Paddington station by the Brown family, having travelled all the way to London. They notice his label which reads 'please look after this bear’ and take him in. The now iconic character  was first featured in a series of books by Michael Bond which began in 1958. He got his first television outing in 1975, with a distinctive show which featured Paddington as a stop motion puppet alongside other characters, animated as two dimensional drawings. In 1989 US company Hanna Barbera made another Paddington series and the most recent one,  ‘The Adventures of Paddington Bear’ was created in 1997. This Paddington will be created using CGI animationand whilst some might worry about the beloved character moving into the 21st century fans can rest assured that the bear is in very good hands.

The director

It is director Paul King who will be bringing the much loved bear to life on screen. This project has really been a labour of love for King, who has been working on the project for four years now and has written the screenplay with Hamish MacColl. King is best known for his directing work in comedy, namely on the ‘Mighty Boosh’. He directed all three series of Julian Barratt and Noel Fielding’s unique adventures on the BBC and also their live shows. In 2009, he wrote and directed his first feature film, the much overlooked ‘The Bunny and the Bull’, starring Edward Hogg and Simon Farnaby, a surreal road trip comedy that featured many of his famous friends (Fielding and Barratt, Richard Ayoade). Producing will be David Heyman who is best known as the ‘Harry Potter’ movies' producer, something which is heavily noted in the trailer presumably to appeal to those less familar with Paddington. He also produced ‘Gravity’, securing an Oscar nomination for best picture at this years awards.

Paddington MovieA small peak of the famous Paddington bear

The cast

'Paddington’s' cast list features some of Britain’s finest talent, along with Nicole Kidman. Playing Mr and Mrs Brown, the couple who take in the bear, are Hugh Bonneville and Sally Hawkins. Hugh is of course known for his role on ‘Downton Abbey’ and has just appeared in ‘The Monuments Men’ with George Clooney whilst Sally Hawkins has just missed out on an Oscar for her role in 'Blue Jasmine'. Bringing some Hollywood star power is Nicole Kidman, who’s been donning a blonde wig for the role. Leading the supporting cast is The Doctor himself, Peter Capaldi (playing the grumpy next door neighbour) as well as Harry Potter actors Julie Walters and Jim Broadbent, The voice of Paddington will be provided by none other than Colin Firth. Yes the ‘King’s Speech’ actor is lending his voice to the famous bear as well as helping with the movements, he's said he’ll be trying to give the voice a Peruvian flavour.

The plot

The plot will draw inspiration from all the Paddington stories while of course keeping the basis of a polite bear from Peru who wears a hat and duffle coat and carries a battered suitcase which is full of marmalade sandwiches. In the movie Paddington will become accustomed to his new life in London until he meets an evil taxidermists, played by Kidman, with a penchant for rare bears, meaning a sticky situation for our small hero. 

'Paddington' will be released in the UK on November 28th 2014, you can take a look at the teaser trailer for the movie here: