Columbus Short finally opens up about his recurring legal woes, which led to his dismissal from ABC's 'Scandal.'

The 31 year-old actor's most recent run-in with the law occurred in over the Fourth of July weekend. Short was arrested after getting in a confrontation with several off duty policemen in a bar in Dallas.

Columbus SHort
Short admitted that he hasn't "been perfect"

It seems this last incident was the finals straw, and in an interview with 'Access Hollywood,' he admitted, "I haven't been perfect."

Interviewer Billy Bush first offered Short a chance to explain what happened when he was apprehended for public intoxication over the weekend.

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"I was involved in no fight," he said. "I was with a group of people that were eating. I went to the bathroom and there was an altercation ensuing, I guess, and the cops thought I was somebody involved in the situation and they grabbed me up." Adding, "By the time I was on the ground, I said - and I apologized to the officers later - but I said some pretty choice words."

This isn't the first time Short has had trouble with the law, back in March a warrant was issued for his arrest after being involved in another bar fight. The star has also been accused by his wife that he had threatened to kill her during a heated domestic dispute.

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"I have not been perfect," Short confessed. "I have not been all the things that have been in the press; (but) I will take ownership." He continued, "Me and my wife are going through problems, serious, serious problems. However, the domestic part of it, I am not a physically violent man." Confirming that the "divorce is going forward and there is a restraining order that is in effect."

Columbus SHort
Short on the set of ABC's 'Scandal'

And when speaking of ABC's decision to let him go after three seasons on 'Scandal', Short thinks it was the right choice.

"(They) did not throw me to the curb like trash. That's my family. They knew that I was going through a tough season and rallied around me and wrapped their arms around me, from Shonda (Rhimes) to the craft service man," he explained. "We're a family and I think at a certain point when you're getting a barrage of stories after stories, ABC justifiably would want to distance themselves ... they did the right thing, but I think it takes time to rebuild."