Columbus Short's Fourth of July celebrations didn't quite go to plan.

On Friday night (July 4th) the former 'Scandal' actor was arrested for public intoxication after getting into a confrontation over an unpaid bar tab, TMZ reports. Short was celebrating the national holiday in Dallas' Katy Trail Ice House, but when he attempted to leave, a physical altercation took place.

Columbus SHort
Short was arrested for public intoxication at a Dallas bar

The 31 year-old star reportedly tried to exit the bar without paying for any drinks, and when a security guard confronted him, the gossip site claims Short became very angry and accused the guard of being a racist.

Several off duty Dallas cops intervened to break up the fight, but before long Short got even more upset with them. He allegedly began shouting at the policemen and tied to attack one, a witness at the bar told TMZ that "he was like a dog with a bone who wouldn't let it go."

They quickly apprehend the 'Stomp The Yard' actor and took him to jail where he was charged with public intoxication.

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This isn't the first time Short has had trouble with the law, back in March a warrant was issued for his arrest after being involved in another bar fight.

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The former choreographer got into a physical altercation with a man at Gabe's Bar and Grill in Los Angeles when attending an engagement party. He reportedly punched a fellow partygoer in the face after he made a derogatory comment about the actor's wife.

These legal troubles, which included an ugly divorce, cost him his starring role in 'Scandal' as litigator Harrison Wright.