Hip-hop producer No I.D. has honoured the work of Common and [John Legend] by posting a touching letter to the Oscar winners online.

The hitmaker, who has worked with Common since the start of the rapper's career, shared the note with fans ahead of the Academy Awards on Sunday (22Feb15), insisting he was proud of how far they had come and how much they had achieved regardless of whether they would triumph in the Best Original Song category at Hollywood's big night.

In the heartwarming message, addressed to "Rashid (Common) and John", No I.D. wrote, "Thank you. Not for being talented you brothers who make the world a better place... Not for being successful and motivating people of all color to achieve...

"Thank you for being a shining example of class, grace, and strong men. God is present in your work. You make us proud. May the world see you as a sign of what can be achieved regardless of where you come from. Your work is a labor of love and a light in dark times. May you enjoy your evening and good luck. You are already winners to me."

He signed the note, "Your Brother, Dion 'No ID' Wilson".

Common, real name Lonnie Rashid Lynn, Jr., and Legend, born John Stephens, went on to win the Oscar for their Selma track Glory, shortly after moving the star-studded audience to tears with a powerful performance of the song.