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Connie Nielsen Joins Role Play Cast

Connie Nielsen is to star in 'Role Play'. The 'Wonder Woman' actress will appear alongside Kaley Cuoco, David Oyelowo and Bill Nighy in the Studiocanal thriller film. According to Deadline, details about Nielsen's role...

Connie Nielsen: Release Delays Led To Mixed Wonder Woman 1984 Response

Connie Nielsen thinks that the delays to 'Wonder Woman 1984' contributed to the mixed response to the film.The 55-year-old actress played Queen Hippolyta in the superhero sequel, which divided both fans and critics, and suggests...

Connie Nielsen Landed Wonder Woman Role With Zack Snyder's Help

Zack Snyder helped Connie Nielsen to land her role in 'Wonder Woman'.The 54-year-old actress has revealed that the 'Justice League' director persuaded Patty Jenkins to cast her as Queen Hippolyta in the superhero movie.Connie told...

Russell Crowe's Electric Hair Nearly Ruined Gladiator Speech

Russell Crowe has revealed that his iconic speech in 'Gladiator' was almost ruined by static electricity causing his hair to stick up.The 56-year-old actor has revealed that the helmet he had to wear for the...

Dougray Scott: Sea Fever Is 'Uncomfortably Relevant' During Pandemic

Dougray Scott admits 'Sea Fever' is ''uncomfortably relevant'' amid the coronavirus pandemic.The 54-year-old actor plays the role of Gerard in the new sci-fi thriller, which follows the crew of a marooned fishing trawler who find...

Connie Nielsen Was Left In Shock By Gladiator

Connie Nielsen was left in ''utter shock'' after witnessing what Sir Ridley Scott created in 'Gladiator'.The 54-year-old actress played the role of Lucilla in the Oscar-winning movie, which is marking 20 years since its release...

Chris Pine Spills On 'Wonder Woman' Role And Reveals Film's Wwi Setting

Chris Pine is gearing up for his role in the much anticipated Wonder Woman movie, which stars Gal Gadot as the super-heroine. Pine will play Steve Trevor, a military man and Wonder Woman’s love interest...

Jamie Bell Joins Nymphomaniac

Jamie Bell has joined the cast of 'Nymphomaniac'. The British actor will star alongside Shia LaBeouf - who has real sex in the movie, with the assistance of body doubles and visual effects - and...

Nielsen Still Smoking

CONNIE NIELSEN has started smoking again even though she's campaigning to raise awareness of heart disease amongst women. The GLADIATOR beauty, who is dating METALLICA drummer LARS ULRICH, gave up the unhealthy habit for...

Metallica Star Splits With Wife

METALLICA drummer LARS ULRICH has split with his wife SKYLAR, following reports he's dating actress CONNIE NIELSEN. The NOTHING ELSE MATTERS star was spotted kissing the GLADIATOR beauty in New York recently, sparking fears...

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