The owner of a nightclub in Minnesota has accused Coolio of taking to the stage drunk at a gig last week (ends10Apr11) and stumbling his way through a shambolic set.
The hip-hop star performed at The Lounge venue in Minneapolis, Minnesota last Thursday (07Apr11) but allegedly failed to live up to expectations, with owner Brian Bell branding the rapper "a trainwreck".
Bell claims Coolio was drunk and put on a substandard show, telling, "Coolio was completely hammered... a trainwreck, he was totally vulgar and completely incoherent and I did not want to be there for it. This is not what the Lounge does. This is not what we do at our club."
Photographs obtained by the website and allegedly taken on the night of the gig, appear to show the star looking bleary-eyed and leaning on a pal for support.