Let it never be said that 90's rapper Coolio doesn't know how to treat his fans. The 'Gangsta's Paradise' rapper was performing in Preston and after the show he began talking to a group of students from the University of Central Lancashire who had VIP tickets to the gig, which by all accounts is a pretty cool  procedure for an artist. But things soon took a bizarre turn when the rapper decided to extend his stay a little longer.

Coolio Coolio in Rio
Credit to the guy for keeping this hair style going for so long

Reddit user lorcantc uploaded a video of the rapper in the student group's living room, performing an acoustic rendition of his most famous song, trying his best to get everyone involved with the action. When asked why Coolio was performing in the living room, the Redditor said that after a show he performed in the city, he decided to go back to the house and told the residents that he had no plans for the night. In a bid to make the night a whole lot more interesting, Coolio and the gang then went to a nearby Tesco supermarket and bought all the ingredients for a three course meal, which consisted of "Coolio's Caprese Salad, Chicken á la Daaaamn, and Peach Crumble."

The Redditor went on to reveal that they filmed him while cooking and called it 'Cookin' with Coolio,' before going on to lay our collective thoughts at ease when they added, "It was just as weird as it sounds."

Weird yes, but the Reddit user had nothing but praise for the multi-million-selling rapper. Describing him as a "great guy," the Redditor added that the rapper had "some very deep and profound thoughts on life and his time in the business," and even went tell some anecdotes from his career. He apparently talked about his time gorwing up on the streets, his relationship with Tupac Shakur (and that he apparently spoke with the late rapper on the day he died) and some musings on life, "All whilst sipping from a bottle of Patrón."

The rapper had been performing at Preston’s Ships and Giggles on Wednesday (9 Oct.) evening before heading to MACs Bar in the town centre, where he met the students and decided to head back to their place. As unusual as the cooking sounds, the rapper is actually an avid chef and even released a cookbook (Cookin' With Coolio) in 2009.

Cookin With Coolio
In case you don't already have it, this would probably make an ideal Christmas present for mum