Coolio has managed to upset former Liberty X singer Michelle Heaton in the Celebrity Big Brother house after joking she was Ben Adams' girlfriend.

While the three of them were in the diary room along with actor Verne Troyer, Coolio said to Ben: "Why don't you tell your girlfriend to shut up", sparking all kinds of trouble.

Michelle responded to the comment by saying: "Shut up Coolio, seriously not cool, at all." Unperturbed though, the rapper continued to tell Ben: "Can you take your girl back out, man... talk to your girl."

Upon exiting the diary room, the former Liberty X star proceeded to get very emotional in response to the comments, forcing LaToya Jackson to take Coolio to one side and talk with him.

La Toya told Coolio that Michelle had been crying and is in fact in love with her boyfriend outside the house.

Coolio responded in typical manner, telling Jackson: "She in my house, this is my house, if she doesn't like it, the door is right there."

Cue mass hysteria and tears from Michelle.

13/01/2009 22:00:00