Corey Taylor thinks Adele is a ''huge f***ing talent'' in a music industry resembling a ''sea of s**t''.

The Slipknot frontman has slammed the number of acts who rely on technology when creating songs and believes the 'Someone Like You' hitmaker - who won six Grammy awards in February - was one of the only people who deserved to win any accolades at the ceremony because she has real talent.

When asked if he felt like he should be ''in mourning'' because Adele was ''basically the only choice'' to win awards at the event, he replied: ''I was really happy when they honoured her, because she deserves it. I mean, she's such a huge f***ing talent. I don't care who you are, when she sings it's just gets all into you. But I completely agree!

''It's like you're hoisting them up because it's like, in a sea of s**t, you look for the one person who's got a life preserver, you know?''

Corey hit out at the ''very commercialised'' music industry nowadays and insists there are too many performers around whose lack of talent is being hidden by technology.

He added to Bloody-Disgusting: ''It's kind of depressing, man. It really is. There's so much that's just glossed over these days. It's almost like this weird cross between the 60s and the 80s. It's like singles were very big in the 60s. And then all the really weird, crappy, forced upon pop music of the 80s.

''So now you've got people who don't really have the skills, because technology hides it, going out and putting these crappy singles out, and because that's all there really is, people basically eat it like hamburgers.

''It's become very, very commercialised. Which wouldn't bother me as much if people actually had talent. When I listen to something and the first thing I notice is that it's been turned into crap, I shut it off and throw it out the window of my car. Like it's the most offensive thing to me.''