Corey Taylor's solo album is comprised of music that doesn't ''fit'' his bands Slipknot and Stone Sour.

The 'Wait and Bleed' hitmaker has revealed he put off completing his first solo project, despite writing the first track when he was a teenager, because he wanted to ''hone'' his craft and gain the ''confidence'' first.

On why it has taken so long for him to finish the record, he explained: ''It's been a long time coming.

''It was something that people have been asking me to do for years, and it was something that I always kind of put off, because how greedy can somebody be?

''I already have two bands. What more do I want?

''But then it just kept coming up, and then I just kept thinking about it, like, what would a solo album sound like?

''And that's when I started really looking into my bag, and it was just, like, I've got all these songs that I've written that didn't fit with either band. And that's kind of what started this.''

The 46-year-old rocker had intended to complete the LP in 2021, but decided to focus on it now amid the coronavirus pandemic.

He continued: ''I was gonna do this next year, but then, obviously, everything shut down, so it kind of afforded me the time to really go in and really concentrate on it and work with the people that I wanted to work with -- friends of mine for 15-plus years; people who I've made music with or jammed with or played with that I knew exactly how it would sound with them on it. And we just did it right.''

He added to SiriusXM's TrunkNation: ''Honestly, we all quarantined for two weeks, including the people in the studio that we worked at, and made sure that we had no contact with anybody else - no outside people - and we just all went in and did it together. And we did 25 songs in two and a half weeks. It was insane.''

On the first song, which he wrote when he was at high school, he added: ''I mean, the first song on the album is a song that I've been working on since I was in high school.

''It's a long, long, long time coming, and really maybe it was one of those things where it took years of working and honing my craft to have, I guess, the confidence to be able to complete that song.

''So, yeah, this is a long, long time of waiting and piecing it together, and it feel awesome.''

Corey is planning to tour the album when live shows resume.