Corey Taylor would ''absolutely'' write a WWE theme song for ''The Fiend'' Bray Wyatt.

The Slipknot frontman - who is a big pro wrestling fan - revealed there were plans in place a few years ago to work with the former world champion, but the band were focused on demos for their 2019 album 'We Are Not Your Kind'.

Speaking to, he said: ''I'm such a massive Bray fan, and he's a massive Slipknot fan, so we talked about doing something...

''We couldn't get it together, and at the time we were so focused on working on the demos for 'We Are Not Your Kind', we just couldn't get it together in time.''

The AGE-year-old singer - whose songs have featured on NXT and pay-per-views over the years - isn't ruling out the idea in the future, and he'd love to team up with WWE in a more creative capacity.

He added: ''It's just one of those things where if the right opportunity came up I would absolutely do it...

''Even if it wasn't Slipknot thing, I would write it myself. Just go in and f****** make something super gnarly!''

Corey - is also the frontman for Stone Sour - is currently focused on his debut solo album 'CMFT', which will be released next month.

He previously revealed his inspiration for the album was ''just loving music'', as he wanted to put out a record that people would ''enjoy listening to''.

He said: ''I mean everyone kept bugging me about whether I was going to do a solo album and for the longest time, I said no.

''I mean how greedy can one person be? I've got two great bands, I basically have carte blanche when it comes to guest appearances and stuff. What would it even sound like?

''But then when I had all of this time, unexpectedly, I realised that I had all of these songs that I'd written through the years that don't fit in with any band.

''I haven't been able to give them to other bands to record, maybe this can be my solo record. It really was that simple.''