Corinne Bailey Rae scraps three albums for every one she releases.

The 41-year-old signer regrets not being ''more prolific'' in her career but admitted part of the reason she hasn't been is she is constantly ''dissatisfied'' with her songwriting and won't make any of her tracks public if she isn't completely happy with it.

In an interview with Red magazine, she said: ''Failure is a constant partner for me. I feel dissatisfaction with everything I do. For every record I put out, there are three records I didn't put out because they weren't right [for whatever reason]. Self-doubt and failure are just part of my life and I have to overcome them to do anything.''

But Corinne - who has released three studio albums, 2006's 'Corinne Bailey Rae', 2010's 'The Sea' and 2016's 'The Heart Speaks in Whispers' -insists there's nowhere she enjoys being more than the recording studio.

She said: ''I love being in the studio so much, sometimes I have to prize myself out.''

The singer's biggest single, 'Put Your Records On', was written as a message to her younger self to embrace her natural hair because of a time during the 1990s when the trend was for straight tresses and she feared looking like she was trying to make a ''big statement'' if she didn't follow the fashion.

She said: ''There was this idea that if you had curly hair, you were making this big statement. But if you have curly, afro, textured hair, that's just how it is naturally. You're not trying to make yourself bigger, this is just the room you take up.''