Corrine Bailey Rae loves taking her kids on tour.

The 42-year-old singer is thrilled her career allows her to be a “present” parent for her daughters – who are aged four and two - and even when she’s got gigs to play, there’s still enough time in the day for them to have quality time together.

She said: “I end up getting to see them more than if I worked at a bank or school.

“It feels like I’m getting to have both things; things I thought weren’t possible – having a career that I really enjoy and getting to be a parent and present with my kids.

“I can be with the children most of the day. They can come to the sound check if they want, or they might find fun stuff to do at a park.

“Then they’ll come to the shows in the evening – they’ll either be in their pyjamas, or asleep on my mum.

“Sometimes they want to watch the show, sometimes they don’t, but they love running around the venue.

“As always with touring, you’ll get a few days of down time between shows, so you might have five days on a beach or going to museums and parks. It’s an adventure.”

The ‘Put Your Records On’ hitmaker and her husband, jazz musician Steve Brown, have passed their love of music onto their children.

She said: “They do really love music. We do a lot of singing. It’s a great way for kids to learn.

“Even when you’re half asleep you can always sing to them. It’s like telling them a story you’ve learnt off by heart.

“Whether it’s Christmas songs, nursery rhymes, music from adverts and musicals, things you’ve made up to make them wash their teeth – I find myself singing anything.”

Steve is also Corinne’s musical director and she loves their working relationship.

She told Britain's HELLO! magazine: “Steve and I always worked together before we were in a relationship, so I know his style of working really well.

“It’s really great to play with him while we’re on tour and hear where he wants to take the show one night to the other.”