Cory Monteith was filming parts for two different movies prior to his untimely death in July, and each of these films will be airing next month at the Toronto Film Festival. The film creating the most buzz out of the two, McCanick, is the story of a narcotics detective who becomes obsessed with tracking down a recently released drugs felon, Simon Weeks (Monteith), and it is already being touted as the best performance of Monteith's unfortunately short career. His other film, the ensemble drama All the Wrong Reasons, will also premiere in Toronto.

Monteith plays a "lost soul" searching the streets of Philadelphia following his release from prison, with Eugene 'Mack' McCanick (David Morse) tracking his every move with the help of his partner Floyd (Mike Vogel). Set over the course of one long, hot summers day in Philly, the reason behind his obsession only becomes clear as he draws ever closer to the unsuspecting Weeks - who knows more about McCanick that either would like to admit.

Director Josh C. Waller spoke to Entertainment Weekly about Monteith's final role, revealing that the actor pleaded with him to play a grittier part than he is used to, a request that ultimately paid off in the end in terms of how the film works. He said, “The character he plays is this drug-addicted street hustler, and he was wanting to tap into things from his youth — which he’s been very open about publicly. I think he saw the role as an opportunity for catharsis.”

No official release date for the movie has been announced, although it is expected to arrive in cinemas by the end of 2013. The Toronto Film Festival begins 9 September.

Cory Monteith
Monteith's death came as a shock to everyone

David Morse
David Morse appears as Det. McCanick in the film