Courteney Cox’s Cougar Town is moving from ABC to TBS on Tuesday (January 8, 2013) and by the sounds of a new story from NY Daily News, she’s leaving a lot of her clothes behind.

Oh, you want more details? Well, there’s the episode in which Cox’s character Jules Cobb and her new husband Grayson (played by Josh Hopkins) decide to have ‘Naked Day’ to spice their marriage up a little bit, for starters.

Cox told New York Daily News that Naked Day is “a way to keep their marriage fresh” and Cox explains that although the scenes were filmed discreetly, it was still a bit of a challenge to get everything right and still keep everyone’s dignity intact. “It turned out there was only one place in the whole house where the lighting worked for everything,” Cox explained. “Step away from that spot and it all went to pieces.” It’s not quite the raunchy treat that some might be expecting though, as apparently “someone said it was sexy for five minutes, then it was just two middle-aged people with their clothes off.”

And if Naked Day isn’t enough for fans of the show, Cox has officially declared 2013 “the year of the cleavage.” Apparently, the former Friends star wants to move the focus away from her face from now on. “There will be not one scene where you won’t see my boobs,” she joked. “I figure as I continue to get older, eventually I will be fully nude. I hope it works.” Er, classy…