A jump from ABC To TBS hadn’t dimmed the cast and crew’s expectations that Cougar Town season 4 wouldn’t be a success, but the ultimate reckoning will lie in how well its premiere goes down tonight (January 8, 2013).

There’s been more upheaval than just a channel change for the Courteney Cox-starring show: this will be the first season that its creators Bill Lawrence and Kevin Biegel won’t be at the helm, with Ric Swartzlander taking over show running duties. So is that going to upset the apple cart? According to the New York Times, no. Cougar Town follows the life of Cox’s character Jules Cobb, a recently (not-so recently anymore) divorced woman in her 40’s trying to enjoy the next step of her life. The ‘Times comments “Mr. Lawrence and Mr. Biegel must have done their jobs right because their child doesn’t need them anymore to continue to be what it has been all along: an eclectic comedy that is smarter than mainstream fare like Last Man Standing but still feels like comfort food.”

Viewers can expect more of the same, then, no great surprises and no shocking twists. That might be a disappointment to some, but then the qualities of this show are that it’s a comfortable fit, TV that seems warm-hearted and familiar. And with Cox involved, you just know there’ll be a fair dose of humor involved.