Courteney Cox was ''embarrassed'' by David Arquette's move into wrestling.

The 49-year-old actor crossed over to the sport in 2000 and was crowned WCW's heavyweight champion of the world, and his then-wife admitted she was baffled by the sudden career change.

She said: ''I was on 'Friends', everything looked pretty good with our careers, then all of a sudden he wants to start wrestling, and I remember feeling embarrassed because there was nothing small about the way he embraced wrestling.''

David - who also has 16-year-old Coco with Courteney - admitted he's done some things that have ''embarrassed'' himself so he's pushed himself even further.

He told The Guardian newspaper: ''At a certain point I realised I would put myself in positions to embarrass myself, so I would then beat myself up more. It's like putting yourself in a deathmatch - why? It's numbing yourself with pain.

''But I don't want to keep making the same mistakes again.''

The 'Spree' star's wife, Christina McLarty Arquette - with whom he has six-year-old Charlie and three-year-old Gus - admitted David's love of wrestling damaged his career.

She said: ''His involvement in wrestling really hurt his career.''

Courteney and David - who split in 2010 - are set to reunite on screen in the upcoming 'Scream 5' but the actor insisted it won't be a problem.

He said: ''No, it's been 10 years now, so there's been a lot of healing.''

At the heart of the actor's love of wrestling is the fact it reminds him of his late father Lewis and it's a way to retain their connection.

He explained: ''My dad used to take me to matches, and he was the voice of Superfly Jimmy Snuka [on Hulk Hogan's cartoon, 'Rock'n'Wrestling']. He died when I was 29 and I really miss him.''