Courteney Cox and Cougar Town returned to screens on Tuesday (January 7, 2013), with its first season on TBS. The fourth season features the same crew, despite the show having been off the air since last May. It's always been a solid ratings winner, though for whatever reason, NBC decided the show didn't fit in with their schedule. Their loss, TBS's gain.

"I can't believe we're finally back. I honestly thought we might never be in this kitchen again. Just hanging out, telling our stories to each other. To the world," said Courteney's character Jules as she stepped back into her pad. The action picked up only a week after the wedding of Grayson and Jules from the last season, suggesting things are going to very similar to the NBC show. As a special bonus to viewers sticking with Cougar Town, the cast filmed a special "sneak peek" of events that will definitely NOT be appearing in Season 4, including all the women getting pregnant, Grayson and Andy kissing, and the grisly death of Tom!

Speaking on Conan O'Brien's show this week, Cox promoted the show by promising more nudity. Sort of. "I feel like we could be a little racier. I was actually wearing my shirts lower because I felt like, 'now I'm on cable - I should just show more boobs," she said. Following last night's premiere, the former Friends actress tweeted, "Thank you for all the nice comments! We're thrilled to be back!!!"

The new season of Cougar Town continues on TBS, Tuesday's at 10pm EST.