Courtney Love ensured her daughter Frances Bean Cobain partied like a rock star the first time she got drunk, by spending $14,000 (£8,750) on fine wines at a luxury hotel.

The Hole frontwoman treated her daughter by Nirvana legend Kurt Cobain to a New Year's Eve trip to Paris, France with actress Carrie Fisher and veteran singer Marianne Faithfull in December (13), and she even agreed to pick up the tab.

Love was shocked when she was presented with a bill from bosses of the luxury Hotel Ritz for $14,000, but she was secretly proud her 21-year-old daughter already knows how to party in style.

She tells rock magazine Q, "At New Year's I sent her to Paris with my neighbour Carrie Fisher and her great friend Marianne Faithfull - and you don't really think about childcare when you think about those two... and then I got a bill from the Ritz in Paris for $14,000. I'm like, 'What the f**k costs that much on New Year's Eve?' Two bottles of (wine) Petrus. Yeah - that Marianne ordered. So... it's fine, and if you're gonna get drunk for the first time, do it on Petrus at the Ritz in Paris with Marianne Faithfull."