Courtney Love has found herself at the centre of yet another lawsuit, revealed just days after it was reported that her daughter's ex-husband is suing her for a number of things including attempted murder. The new suit has been filed by his ex-girlfriend, who claims to to have been harassed by Love.

Courtney Love at AFI FestCourtney Love at AFI Fest

Jessica Sullivan, who previously dated Isaiah Silva of The Eeries and had a child with him, is suing Courtney Love and her manager Sam Lufti for stalking and emotional distress after the pair initially attempted to bribe her to side with Frances Bean Cobain following her divorce from Silva.

It comes after Silva, who ended his marriage to Love's daughter in 2016, accused Love, Lufti and a number of other people of robbery, sexual battery, kidnapping, attempted murder and more after they allegedly forced their way into his home and attacked him and his mother. He claims that they wanted to kill him in order to obtain the 1959 Martin guitar that belonged to Love's late husband Kurt Cobain, that came into his possession after his divorce from Frances in lieu of spousal support.

According to TMZ, Sullivan had been living with Frances and Silva in 2014, and then later Love allegedly threatened her for not taking Frances' side in the divorce. Sullivan claims that Lufti threatened her over the phone and even told her 'I'll put you in the street' and 'your kid will be in an orphanage'. She also says Lufti and Love put her puppy on Craigslist for free so that Sullivan would be inundated with phone calls. 

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Love is denying all allegations thus far and has released a statement to that effect. 'The family is prepared to fight this nonsense with a fury of unprecedented legal force, and they will prevail', Love's team told Billboard.