Rocker Courtney Love has launched legal action against her former lawyer, accusing the attorney of wrecking her relationship with daughter Frances Bean Cobain.

The Hole frontwoman is suing Rhonda Holmes, who she hired in 2008 to try to track down millions of dollars missing from her late husband Kurt Cobain's estate.

Love claims the lawyer made false statements about her to Frances in a 2009 letter, in which she is alleged to have written about a "very scary conspiracy" against the teen - the heir of the Nirvana star's fortune.

Love alleges that the note was a breach of client confidentiality, and insists it has driven a wedge between mother and daughter.

The singer is seeking damages for legal malpractice and emotional distress.

Holmes has already filed suit against the star for allegedly defaming her in tweets and press interviews. Her own legal team claims the letter in question was actually penned by Love.

A trial is due to take place in early 2014.