Courtney Love claims her ex-attorney destroyed her relationship with her daughter.

The 'Hole' singer and daughter Frances Bean Cobain have now made peace after Frances filed a restraining order against her mother in 2009.

But Courtney is suing her former lawyer Rhonda J. Holmes claiming she illegally meddled in their lives and caused the feud between them.

Rhonda was hired in 2008 to help track down millions of dollars that Courtney suspected was stolen from the estate of her dead husband, Kurt Cobain.

According to a lawsuit filed by Courtney and obtained by TMZ,

she claims Rhonda wrote a bizarre, secret letter to Frances, who was just 16 at the time.

The 49-year-old rocker says it ruined their mother/daughter relationship because the letter convinced Frances that her mother could not be trusted to make the right decisions.

The letter warned her daughter of a ''very scary conspiracy'' and that evil people were out to get her.

It also read: ''The sooner I have your support and hence the support of your Trust Fund, the sooner I can ease this matter out of your mom's hands.''

Courtney didn't find out about the correspondence for two years and says it should never have been written and was a breach of confidentiality between attorney and client.

The musician also said the lawyer spent months on the case but never made any real progress because she was ''too busy''.

Courtney is suing Rhonda for legal malpractice and is claiming emotional distress.