Courtney Love consulted Kanye West about fashion.

The Hole singer - who announced that she'd be launching her own clothing collection nearly six years ago, but only confirmed a licensing agreement in 2011 - has been getting tips from the rapper about footwear ideas.

She told Kerrang! magazine: ''I haven't put out rock music for a while. I've started a fashion line. Actually, I was talking to Kanye West the other day about shoes, you know...''

Courtney - who has 21-year-old daughter Frances with late husband Kurt Cobain - recently admitted she is growing increasingly concerned about the implications of being a role model for young girls.

She explained: ''I never used to think about being a role model for girls, but I do now. I have a 21-year-old daughter and I realise how our actions can create copycat desires. A lot of the time when I was younger I had this real attitude of, 'F**k you, you suck!' to everything, but these days I don't really need the bullsh*t of that stuff.

''I'm 49, maybe I should have learnt this stuff about 20 years ago, but at least I am now.''