Courtney Love wants a ''second chance''.

The Hole singer has struggled with drug addiction in the past but after seeing how stars including 'Sherlock Holmes' actor Robert Downey Jr. and 'Orange is the New Black' actress Natasha Lyonne have put their problems behind them to enjoy further career success, she doesn't see why she can't do the same and make a fresh start.

She told America's Fashion magazine: ''Listen, if Natasha Lyonne can burn down a house and Robert can go to prison for two years, I deserve a second chance. I know there is hope for me.''

The 'Doll Parts' rocker claimed her drug problems led to her being ''ostracised'' in the fashion world, but admitted perception of her changed just as quickly.

She recalled: ''I got really ostracised by [fashion] after I went to rehab in 2006. After I got out, no one would dress me and I sucked it up. I went to Paris, got on a plane and I was only invited to two shows.

''It's really about who you surround yourself with in your career.The next time I went back to Paris was in 2008 and I got invited to a hundred shows and the minute [Givenchy creative director] Riccardo [Tisci] said 'She is my muse,' everyone threw clothes at me. That's just fashion--it's such a reactive community.''

Courtney also claimed she gets ''hit on'' by high-profile guys is they are desperate to play her late husband, Nirvana frontman Kurt Cobain, in a biopic, though she refused to name anyone.

When asked if there will be a biopic made about her life, she said: ''No, no, no. There will be no biopic on me.

''I will never sell my publishing. I won't let that happen. I still get hit on by guys because they want to be cast in that Kurt Cobain biopic that's been in production for years.

''I could give you some [actors'] names that would blow your mind, but I am so not sleeping with someone under 38.''