Courtney Love won't ''fight'' the ageing process.

The 51-year-old rocker wants to age ''gracefully'' and thinks stars who undergo cosmetic surgery often end up looking ''ridiculous''.

She said: ''To me, ageing gracefully is to let it happen and accept it.

''Fighting it always seems to backfire and make people look ridiculous. You see actresses get work done and it makes them look unrecognisable.

''I look at these actresses like Diane Keaton, who has never had anything done, and I think that's cool. It's sexy, really.''

While she has no plans to go under the knife, the 'Empire' actress understands the importance of looking after her appearance for the sake of her career.

She said: ''I've really turned the corner in the past three or four year.

''It began when I decided to get back into acting, and to do that you need to look as good as you can - even if you're aging.''

And the Hole singer credits seeing Sean Penn in 2011 movie 'This Must Be the Place' for her decision to return to acting.

She explained in an essay for the new issue of America's Harper's Bazaar magazine: ''I always think that if I were a guy, I would be Sean. He's like my male doppelgänger.''