There could be a Kurt Cobain musical in the works. Well, that's if you believe what the late Nirvana frontman's widow Courtney Love is currently suggesting. Having dismissed the prospect of such a project for years, the Hole singer has now said that it is "very likely" that Nirvana's songs will be heard on Broadway.

Courtney Love
Courtney Love Has Said That A Kurt Cobain Musical Is "Very Likely" To Happen.

In a recent interview with NME, Love said that she and daughter Frances Bean Cobaindecided to move ahead with a stage musical so long as they can "reach up to the highest shelf and select a team of the greatest and most respected writers, producers and directors." They apparently changed their mind after "tons of Nirvana fanmail" and persuasive support for the idea on social media.

She continued: "There would have to be a story, and a great story, one that hasn't been told before. I would devote countless hours with an A-team to create a project that reflects Kurt in the most respectful but honest way possible, so that his story, his music and his legacy can be resurrected on stage for not only the world to see, but more importantly for our daughter to see.

What about that time Courtney Love thought she'd spotted MH370 in the sea?

"I know her father's spirit will be on that stage, and sitting in that theatre with her will be the most emotional experience of our lives," the 49 year-old rocker added. It is not known what former Nirvana band members, Dave Grohl and Krist Novoselic, think about Love's plan but the singer now owns most of the rights to the grunge band's music.

Frances Bean Cobain
Cobain's Daughter, Frances Bean, Is Also Said To Be Onboard The Musical Project.

The 5th April will mark the 20th anniversary of Cobain's suicide which will be marked by fans all across the world. 2014 is proving a landmark year for the legendary rockers: after celebrating the 20th anniversary of In Utero last September with a new special edition of the album, the band are simultaneously marking the 25th anniversary of their debut, Bleach, and their upcoming induction into the Rock And Roll Hall of Fame on the 10th April.

2014 Marks A Year Of Anniversaries For The Grunge Rockers.

Despite a previously fractious relationship, Courtney, Francis, Krist and Dave will all be reunited at the ceremony"I haven't seen [Dace and Krist] in 20 years," Love told BBC Radio 4 on Tuesday.

Courtney confirms she is rehearsing with the original Hole line-up.

"I wasn't even going to go . [but] as long as it's in service to Frances, everyone's going to be a good boy or a good girl [...] I'm wearing a gown. She's wearing the opposite," Love added. "She's just wearing jeans."

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