Courtney Love 's mouth is increasingly writing cheques that she's unable to cash, and the former other half of late Nirvana front man Kurt Cobain looks like she's going to be letting another part of her stranglehold on that band's legacy go after it was revealed that she has lost the rights to the photo copyrights of her late husband's image.
According to The Fix, the ownership of the image copyright has now been passed onto Love and Cobain's daughter Frances Bean Cobain, the 19 year-old takes over publicity rights for Cobain's name, likeness and appearance. This is a huge deal, "Publicity rights are potentially worth a fortune," said Jonathan Faber, an attorney and managing partner of Luminary Group, to The Fix, "They amount to the intellectual property rights."
It's the latest in a series of victories for Frances against her mother. She managed to relieve herself of Love's custody in 2009 after a legal battle, and gained a restraining order too citing drug addiction and violence as an excuse. Representatives for the teenager also managed to oust Love from the trust fund set up for Bean in the aftermath of her dad's death, winning a decision in 2010. With Larry Mestel of Primary Wave music also owning 100 per cent of administrative rights, it now means Love has no say in how her husband's image or how his music is used. Somewhere Dave Grohl is cackling manically.