Courtney Stodden has opened up about her miscarriage in an emotional campaign for PETA.

In the video, filmed earlier this year, Stodden speaks about the tragic loss of her own child in July and how she can relate to an Orca named Corky who lost her seven babies in captivity at SeaWorld.

"The feeling of losing a child is one that no mother should ever have to experience," Stodden begins.

"That's why it breaks my heart to think of Corky — an orca who has lost all seven of her babies, the last of whom was found floating lifeless at the bottom of a tank at SeaWorld.

“Corky has endured the loss of family eight times, starting when she was forcibly taken from the ocean from her mother and sold into captivity when she was very young.”

Stodden then explains that Corky has only endured “trauma, loss and sadness” during her 47 years in captivity at the theme park. 

“SeaWorld, take it from someone who has experienced great personal loss. Corky has suffered enough,” Stodden concludes.“Please, do the right thing and let her go home. The time is now.”

In May Stodden and her husband, actor Doug Hutchison announced they were expecting their first child together.

But less than two months later Stodden’s manager confirmed in a statement that the reality star had suffered a heartbreaking miscarriage.

After the loss Stodden shaved her head as a symbolic gesture in solidarity with her unborn baby. She later shared that she had also been using a 'reborn' baby doll to help her during her grieving.