'Black Mirror' is without a doubt one of the most controversial shows the modern world has seen, bringing a scary sense of relatability to each of its shocking episodes. Relying heavily on technology patterns that we've seen evolve in the current age, and taking them to the next level, with predictions of how the future may look if we continue on the same path we're currently on, viewers are often left anxiety-ridden and aghast at what they see on the show.

Cristin Milioti has made a huge name for herself in the entertainment industryCristin Milioti has made a huge name for herself in the entertainment industry

That didn't change with the first episode of the series' new fourth season, 'U.S.S. Callister', which followed the story of a chief technical officer, his disgust at those who didn't respect him and his strange way of bending them to his will. For those who haven't seen the episode, we suggest you turn back now, as spoilers will run throughout the rest of this article!

Jesse Plemons led the episode in the role of the CTO, but at night, turned into Captain Daly and took charge of a sci-fi unit known as Space Fleet. What viewers slowly began to realise however was that the people there in his virtual world weren't just avatars unaware of what was going on around them, but fragments of their real-life counterparts who were forced to work under a tyrannical and unforgiving man.

Cristin Milioti took on the role of Nanette Cole in the episode, with her character brought into the world, but quickly rebelling against her "leader". What ensued was a tense game between those who wished to escape from Captain Daly's clutches and the man himself, who could change the world around them with just a wave of his hand. The final sequences in the show were some of the most exciting, and ended with Nanette taking her own seat in the Captain's chair.

Speaking with The Hollywood Reporter, the actress said of the episode's climactic finale: "I had three takes for that shot, we had a really tight schedule. I won't say what was running through my head - there was plenty! - but I will say that it was the coolest f**king thing that I've ever gotten to shoot. My 12-year-old self was just flipping out: To sit in a captain's chair in a spaceship and say 'I got this' is crazy!"

She added: "That's not who we see in the chair growing up as a girl, which is why Wonder Woman resonates."

The fact that the entertainment industry is doing more than ever to ensure women have a front-and-centre role is a great sign for the future, and the fact that a show like 'Black Mirror' can be a part of that is just brilliant. May it be the start of a lot more to come.

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'Black Mirror' seasons 1-4 are available now on Netflix.