Review of The Glorious Dead Album by Cry For Silence

Cry For Silence
The Glorious Dead
Album Review

Cry For Silence The Glorious Dead Album

There's obviously something in the water in Watford. First the noisenik assault of Gallows and now Cry For Silence. Despite having a rather obviously metalcore name, these chaps are a little more on the progressive hardcore side of the genre, but still with enough melody to hook the ear.

After a number of smaller level releases and a list of live shows with more hot bands than you can shake a stick at, CFS appear to have hit paydirt with this, their debut full length release.

It's a rollercoaster ride through tempos and dynamics, but just when you think it's entering the land of the formulaic, it veers off on a tangent. Polished and competent, they've even got the cheek to throw in an instrumental ballad in the shape of Beneath The Storm. They do have the decency though to follow it straight up with the jagged, jugular assault that is Into The Storm.
Innovative, heavy British music. Whatever will they think of next?

Richard Edge

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