Crystal Harris and Hugh Hefner are ''happier than ever''.

The 27-year-old blonde model was originally set to marry the Playboy founder on June 18, 2011 but she got cold feet which he put down to having ''a change of heart'' about their relationship.

Following this they reconciled and wed on December 31 last year and she claims their relationship is better than it has ever been.

Crystal explained: ''I missed him and he missed me. We're happier than ever, things are better now than they were then.

''Hef loved me more than I've ever felt in my life.''

Despite the 60-year age gap Crystal maintains she has a ''lot of fun'' with her 87-year-old spouse, who is ''very romantic''.

Speaking on 'Access Hollywood Live', she said: ''Hef's very romantic, very cosy. We really care about each other and get along great. I don't notice the age difference. Hef's a lot of fun.''

The pair met on Halloween 2008 and started dating shortly after in January 2009.

Hugh has been married twice before. His wed Mildred Williams in 1949 but they divorced in 1959, and later tied the knot with Kimberley Conrad in 1989 but they split in 2010.