Review of Wind Phoenix Single by Cymbals Eat Guitars

Band names seem to get stranger and stranger and Cymbals Eat Guitars has to be without doubt within that category. Since the recording and release of Cymbals Eat Guitars debut album 'Why There Are Mountains' they seem to have had many line-up changes.

Cymbals Eat Guitars Wind Phoenix Single

It's not often that this happens but Cymbals Eat Guitars have done it. They've produced a B-side that is better than the actual Single. 'Wind Phoenix' is OK but in all reality it's all been done before and doesn't offer a great deal to the table. The sad fact is that it all sounds the same. 'Ballad Of Nothing' however is the total opposite, it has energy, life and fantastic rhythm. This just has something about it, you can feel the enthusiasm in Joseph D'Agostino's vocals with him screaming as loud as he can towards the end, and that is mirrored in the rest of the song. This B-side song that is

Despite the single being a bit of a letdown, this band do sound like that they've something about them and hopefully in the future they will be an interesting prospect.


Mark Moore

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