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9th September 2014

Tweet: "I am proud that the lights @KinkyBootsBway will be dimmed for Joan Rivers. Celebrate with us #dimthelightsforJoan xx". Cyndi Lauper, the brains behind hit musical Kinky Boots, celebrates Broadway League bosses' decision to allow theatres on the Great White Way to go dark in honour of the late comedienne after previously ruling out the marquee tribute.

31st March 2014

Quote: "I was the first female streaker at my college in Vermont. I don't know why I did it - it was probably a bet... I didn't have a problem taking my clothes off. I was young and I didn't care. I lived like I had nothing to lose." Pop star Cyndi Lauper was not afraid to get naked in her younger years.

27th August 2013

Quote: "So sad... She is a young twenty-something trying to prove she can hang with the big boys and girls, you know, basically simulating a Girl Gone Wild video onstage and I just felt like that was so beneath her and raunchy, really raunchy. It wasn't even art." Cyndi Lauper was not a girl having fun as she watched Miley Cyrus' raunchy performance at the MTV Video Music Awards on Sunday (25Aug13).

15th April 2013

Quote: "I was gonna invite the President and then they told me, 'No president has seen a musical; they haven't gone to the theatre since 1865'." Cyndi Lauper jokes about inviting U.S. President Barack Obama to see her hit Broadway musical Kinky Boots during a recent visit to the White House.

14th April 2013

Quote: "Every year they want that first album and I'm always like, 'I'm not doing that,' but my fans have been so great; they follow me... through a lot of turns... and so this is my gift back. For 30 years they've been with me, so I'm gonna do the album note for note." Cyndi Lauper on celebrating the 30th anniversary of her debut album She's So Unusual on the road this summer (13).

5th April 2013

Tweet: "thanks to all for @KinkyBootsBway. It is an honor to be a part of something bigger than me. The cast is kick a**". Pop star Cyndi Lauper is thrilled with all the positive reviews for her Broadway musical Kinky Boots, which opened on Thursday night (04Apr13).

12th March 2013

Tweet: "Was thinking about Japan yesterday. It was the aniversary (sic) of the tsunami there on 3-11. I know it's a slow recovery and people 4get. I didnt (sic)". Pop star Cyndi Lauper marks the second anniversary of the March, 2011 natural disaster.

7th November 2012

Tweet: "People, I love ya and hope u aren't suffering because of Sandy, but please vote. The out come of this election will really effect all of us." Cyndi Lauper calls on Americans - including those affected by last week's (ends04Nov12) superstorm Sandy - to vote in the U.S. presidential election on Tuesday (06Nov12).

12th September 2012

Fact: Singer Cyndi Lauper helped her fashion designer pal Betsey Johnson celebrate her 70th birthday in New York City on Tuesday night (11Sep12) by performing at her star-studded bash. The Grammy winner belted out at a rendition of her hit song Girls Just Wanna Have Fun, while rapper Lil Kim also stopped by to offer her best wishes. Johnson turned 70 on 10 August (12).

16th August 2012

Fact: Pop star Cyndi Lauper will finally see her Broadway dreams come true when her musical revamp of 2005 movie Kinky Boots opens next year (13). The Girls Just Wanna Have Fun hitmaker has been working with actor/writer Harvey Fierstein and director/choreographer Jerry Mitchell on the forthcoming production since 2010, and, after a test run in Chicago, Illinois in October (12), it will launch on the New York stage in the spring (13). Previews at the Hirschfeld Theater begin on 5 March (13), ahead of its grand opening on 4 April (13).

18th May 2012

Tweet: "I am so sad about Donna Summer. I listened to her work and sang along with her forever. She was a great singer and songwriter." Pop star Cyndi Lauper is upset after the death of disco diva Donna Summer on Thursday (17May12).

28th April 2012

Tweet: "On my way to Bones. Yesterday was a good day. Today should be fun. Wonderful set. All great peeps. So fun!" Pop veteran Cyndi Lauper is returning to David Boreanaz's hit U.S. crime drama Bones for another appearance, reprising her guest role as a kooky fortune teller.

9th April 2012

Fact: Singer Cyndi Lauper is set to release her memoirs this autumn (12). The True Colors hitmaker will release the self-titled autobiography through Simon & Schuster publishing imprint Atria Books and Lauper promises not to hold back, saying, "Sometimes I come off good, sometimes not so good."

1st December 2011

Quote: "It's a love letter to Memphis because Memphis is a place where rock 'n' roll started and turned into soul; great music from there." Singer Cyndi Lauper on her new live album To Memphis With Love.

16th August 2011

Quote: "I pierced ears, but that didn't last long because I'm squeamish. I got so nauseous I had to stop while the piercing gun was still hanging off this poor woman's ear." Cyndi Lauper wasn't cut out for a job in piercing before she found fame.

27th July 2011

Tweet: "This wk (week) there were many losses. First the tragedy in Norway, then Amy Winehouse. Very sad. She was such a soulful artist. The world will miss out on all the people lost last week." Cyndi Lauper laments on the passing of the soul star and the deaths of 76 people in Norway after a bombing in Oslo and a massacre on the island of Utoya.

28th January 2011

Quote: "I was close to Boy George. Basically my only famous friend was him." Pop star Cyndi Lauper grew close to the Culture Club frontman as they rose to fame in the 1980s.

30th December 2010

Fact: Cyndi Lauper joined Prince onstage at Madison Square Garden in New York on Wednesday night (29Dec10). The two stars performed Jungle Love as part of the Prince show's encore.

31st August 2010

Quote: "I've been number one on the Top Blues Album chart for eight weeks in a row. I don’t think I’ve ever been number one at anything for that long." Cyndi Lauper is thrilled with the U.S. success of her new album Memphis Blues.

26th July 2010

Quote: "I think she'll get it together. I think she'll overcome this... Everybody falls... Fame doesn't come with a handbook and I just think she'll pull it together. She's got something in her that's lasting. This is an unfortunate turn but she'll be out." Cyndi Lauper is convinced Lindsay Lohan will make a career comeback after her stint behind bars.

23rd June 2010

Fact: Pop star Cyndi Lauper was given a belated birthday surprise on Wednesday (23Jun10) after her performance on morning talk show Good Morning America - she was presented with a cake to mark her turning 57 years old on Tuesday (22Jun10).

22nd June 2010

Quote: "I was just a teenager when I went to my first (feminist) demonstration. I burned my training bra. Now I'm watching this in the gay community. I'm thinking, 'We got to stand together.'" Pop star Cyndi Lauper was inspired from a young age to fight for equal rights. She now fronts her own True Colors fund, which aims to raise awareness and educate others about gay, lesbian, transgender, bisexual and civil rights.

12th April 2010

Quote: "It's great with Ga. Don't take this the wrong way, but with you I never have to worry about being the geek! A lot of people find me too... different. I speak differently, my sense of glamour is not theirs, and they have a problem with me because I say what I think. It's nice because she's my partner in crime now. We're two geeks." Cyndi Lauper has found a friend in her MAC cosmetics advert co-star Lady GaGa.

17th March 2010

Fact: Poison frontman BRET MICHAELS celebrated his 47th birthday on Sunday (14Mar10) with a reality TV victory - he won $100,000 (£66,667) for the American Diabetes Association during a task on U.S. TV contest Celebrity Apprentice, seeing off competition from stars including Cyndi Lauper and Sharon Osbourne.

3rd February 2010

Quote: "You're honoured that they picked you for the hardest part of the song, but, at the same time, it gives you a lot of pressure. Thanks a lot." Celine Dion on having to mimic Cyndi Lauper on the new recording of WE ARE THE WORLD.

4th January 2010

Quote: "Recently I've spent a lot of time with Cyndi Lauper, and she's a legend. She gave me the advice: Never sell your publishing, so I'll take that." GOSSIP GIRL star Leighton Meester has been taking tips from the singer as she progresses with her music career.

11th December 2009

Fact: Cyndi Lauper and Lady GaGa have posed together in lacy lingerie for a glamorous 2010 ad campaign for cosmetics brand MAC, shot by ELLEN VON UNWERTH.

17th September 2009

Fact: Pop star Cyndi Lauper will play a psychic in U.S. TV cop show BONES.

4th May 2009

Fact: Lady GaGa played to a star-studded audience in New York on Saturday night (02May09). Madonna, accompanied by boyfriend Jesus Luz, took her 12-year-old daughter LOURDES along to the concert, while Cyndi Lauper was also spotted watching the show.

2nd April 2009

Fact: GIRLS JUST WANNA HAVE FUN singer Cyndi Lauper is in talks to play a psychic consultant on hit U.S. TV forensics drama BONES.

16th November 2008

Fact: Swedish rockers The Hives and Cyndi Lauper have collaborated on a new holiday tune, A CHRISTMAS DUEL. The track will be available to download for free online on 28 November (08).

21st July 2008

Quote: "My son said to me recently, 'If you want to be successful, you need to keep the cursing in your lyrics. This stuff sells.'" Singer Cyndi Lauper takes career advice from her 10-year-old son DECLYN.

23rd February 2007

Fact: Grammy Award-winning singer Cyndi Lauper is making a musical comeback - she's working with new band DRAGONETTE on their album.

3rd December 2005

Quote: <p>"Most of us who were there didn't like the song, but nobody would say so. I think Cyndi Lauper leaned over to me and said, `It sounds like a Pepsi commercial.'" Billy Joel on recording USA FOR AFRICA charity record WE ARE THE WORLD 20 years ago. </p>

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