Cynthia Nixon was ''always troubled'' by the lack of diversity in 'Sex and the City'.

The 54-year-old actress - who played Miranda Hobbes on the iconic TV show and in two spin-off movies - has admitted she doesn't think the programme reflected the reality of life in New York City, because the majority of characters were white and rich.

She said: ''I was always troubled by how undiverse it was. Certainly racially but also how the slice of New York City it was showing was so incredibly affluent.

''Miranda's husband was the only representation of anybody who didn't have money for days. I guess Carrie didn't have money for days but you would never know it by the way she spent.''

However, Cynthia - who has two children with former partner Danny Mozes and nine-year-old son Max with wife Christine Marioni - is still ''very proud'' of the show.

Speaking to Grazia magazine, the actress insisted: ''I'm very proud of it. I love it dearly.''

Despite this, Cynthia thinks it is unlikely she'll ever reunite with her co-stars for another series or film.

She said: ''I don't think that's going to happen. I love the character and the other women but we've pretty much confirmed that's not going to be happening. That ship has sailed.''

While the show was known for its iconic fashion, Cynthia was shocked when she realised how the footwear she took home from set ''dated''.

The actress said: ''I was given a lot of the clothes and was startled by how quickly the shoes dated. One day these shoes that were so cutting edge were now quaint and old fashioned.''