Review of Stoned Raiders Single by Cypress Hill

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3. Cypress Hill Stoned Raiders (12" - Columbia)
Perhaps time is beginning to show its sorry face.
From the moment Cypress Hills spectacular and groundbreaking early album, Black Sunday hit the shelves back in 1995, it went flying off again. The Hispanic hip-hop heads had made their mark amidst the higher echelons of the West Coast hip-hop elite and come to think of it, the rest of the world.
And now, a hand full of albums later and sales figures touching the multi million mark they return with another scary offering.
Making the most of their Rage Against The Machine style rock, they seem determined to wreak havoc in the heads of their listeners, with tracks such as the daunting Catastrophe and the undulating Trouble.
But its moments where they decide to drop the hard act and experiment with more twisted edge that they show their strengths. Bitter takes the unlikely step of glorifying the female voice, Amplified gives funk guitar a healthy revival and Memories harks back to their early sound.
However, it all sounds like a rehash of what weve heard before but without the inventiveness and the guts; even guest appearances by Redman, Method Man and Kurupt just cant justify the shortfall.
Further more, too many fillers such as Kronologik and Southland Killers simply suggest a well-earned break and a return to the drawing board could be in order.