Cypress Hill narrowly avoided a fan disaster when two stowaways were discovered in the luggage compartment of their tourbus - just before a seven-hour journey to Los Angeles.
The rap trio's driver had already locked up the bus and was just about to hit the road when a member of tourmates House of Pain asked him to retrieve something for the journey - and when he opened up the luggage compartment underneath the vehicle, two young girls fell out.
Cypress Hill star B-Real recalls, "They were trying to come to L.A. to hang out... It was the craziest s**t."
The band was left grateful the girls were discovered - because the trip might have killed them, or at least left them with a smelly nightmare they'd never recover from.
B-Real tells Hustler magazine, "Those chicks had some balls because the septic tank was right there... They probably would have been dead at the end of it (journey) or smelled like some awful p**s. If the septic tank had leaked, those pretty little girls would have been all p**sed on, and not R. Kelly-style!"