Rapper Da Brat used her three-year stint behind bars to write a book about her troubled upbringing.
The hip-hop star, real name Shawntae Harris, was convicted of aggravated assault in 2008 for attacking a waitress at a club in Atlanta, Georgia the previous year (07). She walked free from jail on Monday (28Feb11) and has now opened up about her time in prison - insisting she "made the best" of her incarceration.
She tells Vibe magazine, "They had a lot of things for us to do. We went out to rec and played sports. They had auto paint and auto body, they had computer classes. It was almost like a college situation, except you can't leave. I wrote a book. I did quite a few things. Then I became a third shift orderly where at night I stayed up with a crew of homegirls and we cleaned the showers, buffed the floors, we had our headphones on bumping our CDs. We made the best of it..."
And Da Brat reveals fans will be given a glimpse into her past when she releases her book, adding, "It starts off talking about my life and growing up. How I was selling dope for a hot second, was in a gang for a hot second. My father was a gangster. Just different things. I was in a church playing drums. I want people to know there isn't just one side of Brat. I'm not just a rapper. It goes through my whole life story and could possible be a movie. So I'm just putting the finishing touches on it now."