For some time, fans of DC have been wondering about who will be taking centre stage in the confirmed upcoming 'Nightwing' solo movie, directed by Chris McKay. Having already seen huge success with 'The LEGO Batman Movie', he's a director who knows how to weave drama and humour together to bring about brilliance on the big screen.

Fans seem keen to see Dacre Montgomery as Dick GraysonFans seem keen to see Dacre Montgomery as Dick Grayson

This week, McKay changed his Twitter account to further represent the upcoming film and the DC Comics hero, also known as Dick Grayson, so it would stand to reason that an announcement about the movie is right around the corner. That announcement may have come a little prematurely from 'Power Rangers' and 'Stranger Things' actor, Dacre Montgomery.

Taking to his own Twitter account, Montgomery uploaded a picture of Nightwing along with the simple caption "...". Though it's a tweet that was quickly deleted, it was of course circulated and captured before being removed from the web.

Those who saw the tweet quickly jumped to the conclusion that Montgomery would be the actor to take on the role, but it's also very possible that he's simply hoping to strike up a quick campaign to be considered for the movie. No word has yet been given on whether or not an actor has even been settled on, but Montgomery will definitely have known what he was doing when he put that tweet out to the world.

We've seen in the past how quickly speculation arises when a star hints at having a big superhero movie role on their Twitter accounts, with Josh Gad teasing a role as Batman villain Penguin and Armie Hammer hinting he may become Green Lantern.

Of course, what we all must remember is that nothing is official until it's set in stone. We'll be waiting for announcements from McKay and the rest of the team that will be working on the solo 'Nightwing' flick before getting too excited.

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You can see Montgomery star in the second season of 'Stranger Things' now, available on Netflix.