Reggaeton superstar DADDY YANKEE is offering to help put juvenile delinquents through college as part of a new scholarship programme in his native Puerto Rico. The hitmaker has teamed up with the Ana G. Mendez University System and the Juvenile Institutions Administration in Puerto Rico to start up the Educate con Impacto project, which will provide scholarships for youngsters who have committed a crime. He says, "Once you get an education, you're free. And these scholarships are to help them get ahead, so they don't get arrested. "This is my legacy to fight the cycle of violence that I lived, and I don't want it to rob Puerto Rico of anything else. "The cycle starts in a house without love that takes away your innocence; it happens to a frustrated kid who resents the injustice of it. When you're an adult, you take that injured spirit to your relationships and, whether you know it or not, you get even." Daddy Yankee has contributed $100,000 (GBP50,000) to the programme.