A new Daft Punk/Jay Z collaboration has leaked online and has sent fans into a whirlwind of curiosity regarding the origins of the song. 'Computerized' is a track that sounds more like the old, purely electro Daft Punk, with their vocoders and sterile synths, rather than their new disco direction, as heard on Random Access Memories.

Daft Punk
A New Daft Punk & Jay Z Collaboration, 'Computerized,' Has Been Leaked Online.

It seems likely that the track was intended for 2010's Tron: Legacy franchise reboot, for which the French duo memorably provided the soundtrack, but 'Computerized' may have been one of the songs that didn't make Disney's final cut. The song was leaked by a Daft Punk fan on a message board and is said to be from "an old Disney project."

Jay Z
In The Song, We Hear Jay Z Debate The Influence Of Technology On His Relationship.

It has also been pointed out online that 'Computerized' uses samples from Tron: Legacy track 'Son of Flynn' and indeed the genre is more similar to the music the band were producing at the time as opposed to the disco beats and Nile Rodgers collaborations of their new sound. Yesterday, Pitchfork confirmed that the track is real and that Kanye West was not involved in its production, as was originally rumoured, but did not report who had issued the confirmation.

Listen To Daft Punk & Jay Z's 'Computerized':

The site notes that due to the numerous references to BlackBerrys in Jay Z's lyrics, the song was likely recorded before his Magna Carta Holy Grail endorsement with Samsung. Even fans have been quick to point out that although the track is compelling, it's definitely not Daft Punk's best work, which could have been why it was never officially released.

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Rather Than Marking A Return To Electro, 'Computerized' Was Recorded Before 'Random Access Memories.'

The repetition of 'Computerized' gives a nod to similar track such as 'Robot Rock' and 'Around The World' but doesn't share the same electrifying build-up. Whilst it's definitely Jay Z rapping away with his often smutty verse, you'd be forgiven for thinking the electro tune was laid down by a parody of the mysterious French pair.

What do you think about 'Computerized'? A welcome addition to the Daft Punk electro roster or a lack-lustre pastiche from two artists who have since progressed their sound?