It was a long time coming, and then all of a sudden, Daft Punk were back. Their triumphant comeback single, 'Get Lucky,' has been a huge success, with extended radio play and millions of hits on YouTube.

In their eight-year absence, Daft Punk have only gotten more popular; hailed as the reinventions of electro music in the U.K and for bringing dance music back to America, and French duo - who wear futuristic masks to cover their faces – are amongst the most respected musicians today.

Daft Punk

A video review of the album on The Telegraph is generally positive, praising the presence of some of their influences in a melancholic homage to the people that helped them become what they are. "We spent five years working on this record," said the band, explaining that they have no intention to play it live in its entirety. "That’s really the first step by releasing it is we’d like to have people experience the record as the focal point."

Click here for Daft Punk - Random Access Memories Unboxed

Daft Punk are giving people a chance to listen to the album via a stream on iTunes before it’s released on May 20th. The stream started yesterday, so if you haven’t had your fill yet, get involved!

The tracklisting for Random Access Memories is:

'Give Life Back To Music'

'The Game Of Love'

'Giorgio By Moroder'


'Instant Crush'

'Lose Yourself To Dance'


'Get Lucky'



'Fragments Of Time'

'Doin' It Right'