Dakota Fanning was left "traumatised" after she scored an own goal in a soccer match.

The 16-year-old actress - who can currently be seen playing evil Volturi vampire in 'The Twilight Saga: Eclipse' - was picked to be part of the school's team but admits she wasn't really a natural player.

She said: "I did play soccer and my team was called the Spice Girls, I was Baby Spice. I was playing in a game one day and I got the ball for the first time and I was so excited and I was running and running.

"There was nobody around me, I was thinking this is an easy game, then I kicked it into the goal and was so excited.

"I turned around and nobody was cheering for me and nobody was proud of me - and I then realised I'd kicked it in the wrong goal - so I quit soccer. I was traumatised!"

Although most of Dakota's family are keen sportspeople, she says their enthusiasm and talent for it hasn't rubbed off on her.

She said in an interview on 'The Tonight Show with Jay Leno': "My mum went to college on a full scholarship for tennis, my dad played minor-league baseball and my grandfather was a quarterback for the Philadelphia Eagles. So before I started acting the plan for me was to be a tennis player - that was the plan for me and my mum had me in tennis classes.

"One day I went to her and told her I really love the outfits but it's just too hot - it's just too hot for me to play tennis and I didn't want to play anymore."