It was probably inevitable, but a couple have been caught having sex during a Fifty Shades of Grey themed event which was being held at an erotic museum in Las Vegas on Valentines Day. CCTV video footage obtained by TMZ shows the unidentified couple looking for a secluded spot in the venue in order to do the deed at the Erotic Heritage Museum, which was hosting an event celebrating the hit film.

Fifty Shades of GreyFifty Shades of Grey has been a hit at the box office

The video also shows the woman topless, while things get even more heated between her and her male companion. The gossip site reports that first, the couple found a hiding spot and waited for the museum staff to clear out and for the house lights to go down.

“Then the banging began in earnest,” the TMZ report continues. “The couple didn't hold back as they moved around -- but they didn't realize security was watching.”

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The museum’s director Dr Victoria told the site that security then alerted staff members who returned to bust the exhibitionists, who attempted to maake a half-naked getaway, presumably to continue their private party elsewhere.

Of course this isn't the first naughty Fifty Shades of Grey inspired incident to take place since the movie’s Valentine’s release. Last month a woman was reportedly arrested during a screening of the film in Sinaloa, Mexico for masturbating in the theatre.

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The unidentified woman was reported as being 33 years old and sitting in the 12th row during the screening. Other cinema-goers were said to have noticed the woman getting a little too friendly with herself during the movie leading her to be eventually handcuffed by cops (and not in a good way) as they escorted her out of the theatre.