Dakota Johnson's 90-year-old grandmother Tippi Hedren looks after ''13 or 14 lions and tigers''.

The 'Fifty Shades of Grey' star has revealed the actress has kept big cats for decades at her wildlife preserve in California, and Tippi even took in Michael Jackson's bengal tigress, Thriller - which he named after his hit record - following his death in 2009.

However, Dakota explained that although the 'Pacific Heights' star still has several big cats, they are in compounds now, meaning it's now not as ''psycho'' as it once was.

Asked about Tippi during her appearance on the 'The Graham Norton Show', the 30-year-old actress said: ''She is 90 now, but still has 13 or 14 lions and tigers.

''By the time I was born they were all in compounds, so it wasn't as psycho as it was when it first started!''

During her time on the show, Dakota also spoke about her latest role in the comedy-drama film 'The High Note'.

The movie tells the story of Grace Davis (Tracee Ellis Ross) and her personal assistant Maggie Sherwood (Dakota) as they attempt to record a new album.

Dakota urged young females to watch the movie, saying her character is the perfect role model.

The Hollywood star - who played Anastasia Steele in the 'Fifty Shades' franchise - said: ''I've been around some pretty wild people who've done some pretty wild things.

''In the movie my character is so much the underdog, but she is extremely talented and has ambition and drive that is other-worldly, which is so important for people, especially young women, to see.''

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