Happy Valentine's Day weekend. Fifty Shades of Grey made $81,7 million. Clearly, despite the fact that noone will admit to having seen the thing, it's enjoying a stellar debut. Because what better way to spend the holiday than to watch a movie about whips, chains and contractually binding relationships with your sweetheart, right?

Fifty Shades of Grey
Apparently Fifty Shades has tapped into some deep-seeded desires in its audience. Or it's just really good marketing.

Fifty Shades, getting a boost from a Valentine's Day opening, was released earlier in the week in 57 foreign markets. It took in an additional $158 million overseas, for a global total of $240 million. It also got a boost from early Thursday night screenings, which made $8,6 million. 

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According to Reuters50 Shades has topped both the US and Canadian charts as of Sunday night, and made more than double the profits of the runner-up - Kingsmen: The Secret Service, which checked in at $35,6 million, according to studio estimates. That's not bad for January, but it was no match for Fifty Shades' loyal fanbase and heavy advertising. Kingsman, starring Samuel L. Jackson and Colin Firth tells the story of a top secret spy agency's training program and the global threat it faces from an evildoing tech genius. Not everyone's cup of tea apparently.

Watch the Fifty Shades trailer below.