Heads up, Fifty Shades fans – a new trailer has just been released and this time, things get really kinky. Well, as kinky as possible during a PG trailer. It’s basically 2:37 minutes of body part close-ups, moaning, BDSM gear and the sparse dialogue you already know and love.

Jamie Dornan in 'Fifty Shades Of Grey'
The new trailer hints at Christian Grey's troubled past.

Like its predecessor, this trailer boasts a soundtrack by Beyonce, again a haunting version of her worldwide number one 'Crazy In Love'. As for Dakota Johnson and Jamie Dornan, the film’s two stars look just as young, symmetrical and deer-in-headlight-y as in the previous trailer. The difference is that this one features some more BDSM paraphernalia – namely a leather crop, chains, ice cubes, scarves – this is about as far as the trailer goes.

Watch the new trailer for 'Fifty Shades Of Grey':

Let’s pretend you’re one of the three people in the world, who haven’t heard about Fifty Shades yet. The film, adapted from E. L. James’ bestselling novels, tells the story of young, inexperienced Anastacia Steele, who meets confident young millionaire Christian Grey, falls under his spell and gets caught up in a (super creepy) supposedly BDSM relationship.

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The movie is out on February 13 in the US and the UK – just in time for a romantic Valentine’s Day date.

Dakota Johnson in Fifty Shades Of Grey
Dakota Johnson plays the timid and inexperienced Anastacia Steele.