Dallas star Linda Gray has undergone medical treatment to her eyes after suffering problems with a retina.

The veteran actress, 73, who plays J.R. Ewing's ex-wife Sue Ellen in the hit drama series, has enjoyed perfect vision all her life but was stunned when she developed an issue with her sight last year (13).

She underwent an unidentified medical procedure to correct the problem and now she is warning her fans never to ignore any health woes.

Gray tells the Chicago Sun-Times, "I don't wear glasses. I never wore even reading glasses and then last year a weird thing happened to my retina. I thought, 'Holy c**p!'. I communicate with my eyes. I love the camera and I can communicate with a look.

"I guess I took my eyes for granted... Get help fast if something is wrong. Don't ignore your issues. The most important thing at this age and any age is to be grateful for things that work properly. That's the real blessing in life."