Dallas star Patrick Duffy has undergone an operation to have a cancerous skin cell removed from his lip.

The 64 year old recently developed a small red lesion on his mouth and on Wednesday (10Apr13) he had the growth eliminated from his face.

During an appearance on U.S. chat show The View on Friday (12Apr13), he explained, "Wednesday I had a cancer cell, Basal Cell (Carcinoma), removed off my lip and it's the third one that I've had taken off my body, which is just a public service announcement - have yourself checked. Check for little skin cancers, because if you catch it in time... sometimes they (medics) can just freeze it (off), and go boom and it's done, but other times they might have to take it out (surgically)."

And Duffy admits he might not have noticed the spot - or taken the appropriate action - if it weren't for the Tv show's lighting and make-up technicians.

He added, "My lighting guy said, 'You know, we can't light around that anymore, it's getting too big.' And my make-up person (helped find it)... We're lucky we have somebody who really examines our faces."