Damian Lewis felt "physically drained" following the death of his wife Helen McCrory.

The actress died of breast cancer in April 2021, aged 52, and Damian has admitted to feeling "wiped out" following her passing.

He shared: "For four or five months, you're physically drained. Helen was ill for four and a half years.

"They say that the first day of diagnosis of an illness that could be terminal is the first day of your grief.'"

Damian, 51, actually found himself in a state of "semi-grief" while his wife was still alive.

The actor also recalled living in fear of the situation.

He told the Guardian newspaper: "You are in a state of semi-grief while the person is still alive because there is always the sense that something might go wrong at any point."

Damian has actually written an album that was inspired his late wife. But the actor isn't sure of his own musical talents.

He shared: "I could have been a musician. And I’ve ended up trying to be one. I’ve no idea whether I’ll be a good musician."

Damian recently confessed that he's opening himself up to potential ridicule by recording an album.

He said: "We’ve put together a bunch of songs and there’s chat of trying to put some tracks down in a recording studio ... seeing if there’s something there that people might want to listen to."

Damian is fully aware that he might be mocked for his music.

He said: "Of course, they will be lining up to take shots as I stick my head above the parapet because no one is an easier target than an actor who thinks he can be a bit of a musician.

"But I don’t want to go off and be a great jazz star or pop star, or rock star.

"I’m an actor. I want to remain in my discipline. But for me this is something of unbelievable value.

"It’s so much fun and what we don’t do well in this country is we don’t cross-fertilise across the different arts and that’s a big shame. So I need a bit of pushing or shoving."